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About the Webmaster

Hello. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Marie Woodard. I am the webmaster for Eva Hiers and her Holy Spirit inspired writings. I believe my introduction to Eva was also Holy Spirit inspired. May I tell you how I met Eva?

I first heard of Eva when meeting with a friend of mine from my church about some possible web design work. During our conversation she told me about the article in our local paper about how God had awakened Eva Hiers and directed her to write. I scanned the article and Ann, said to me, “I think you should contact her.” I said to her, “I’ll think about it.” I took the paper home with me and laid it on my desk. I seemed to be drawn to the article several times. I decided I’d check online to get more information on the book. I saw she had a web site so I checked it out. Eva had done a very good job of putting text on her page using Word to compose it. What the site did not have was a background and graphics, links and such. I’m a pretty visual person so pages that use graphics attract me. I said to myself it is a good site it just needs to be “prettied” up a bit. I thought and thought about, “Do I, or don’t I contact this woman?” I then said to myself well what is the worse she can do? Laugh at me? Or say “now just who do you think you are? Anyway I put those thoughts away and I composed a quick e-mail to her. When I received a reply I think I was in shock. She asked me to contact her; I did not call her right away as I was not sure of what I was going to say. When I did call I got her answering machine. I sure don’t like answering machines, but left her a message anyway. I was nervous about what to say and ended the call with, “God bless you and Amen” When I hung up the phone I said to my husband, “Well now wasn’t that impressive!” I imagine God got a good laugh out of it.

When I met with Eva it was like we had always known each other. We shared our stories with each other and could see how God has used even bad things in our lives to work for our good.

When Eva asked me to add something about me on the site I was reluctant to do so because, I’m a pretty private person. It is my goal to serve the Lord, and to do His will in my life therefore, I want the focus to be on Him and not on me. I am honored to have worked with Eva on this project. I know God is up to something. It is our duty to share with others what God has given us. I feel we must use the talents, and gifts that He so graciously gave to us to honor Him.

I am a widow, mother of three grown children, and grandmother of one grandson whom my late husband and I raised.   But most of all I am a child of God. It has taken me so many years to come to know that God is my Abba Father, not some "dude" sitting up on His throne just waiting for me to blow it just so he can tell me just how bad I am put me under condemnation. I pray that the writings has touched your life as they have mine.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me Marie Woodard

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