Children of the World

Oh children of the world
Listen to what I have to say
There are terrors all around you
Open your eyes so you will see

Around the corner awaits trials and tribulations
Around the corner awaits a decision
Around the corner are messages upon messages
Around the corner you will see devastation

Put on your armor of faith, trust and peace
Use Wisdom to be able to stand

Don’t trust all you hear of different religions
Only those who believe on the Cross
Only those who believe I arose from the dead
Only those who are washed by My blood
Will enter the gates of Heaven above

Will you enter into the gates of Heaven?
Will you be brought up to Heaven before the tribulation?
Will your name be in the Lamb’s book of life?
Will you honor and vow to worship Me always

He is here the antichrist
He is nearer then you think
You will soon come to know who he is
Beware of this man

He will bring destruction to the entire world
All will see him as a savior but he will not be
He will release the terror
But all will only see him as peace

Go to your bible and read what I have to say about the anti-christ
This is one man you cannot trust
You must stay with Me
Time is more important then ever to
Accept Me as your Lord and Savior

Worship Me and believe on the Cross
When I come to take My people
If you have accepted Me
You will come to Heaven as well.

After I resurrect My people
I will throw My wrath on the world
As never before has earth seen such destruction

People will cry out and try to hide
All will crawl into crevices to escape My wrath
All will wished they believed

Come My child, come, accept Me now
Feel the love and the peace
That I can give to you
I will wash all your cares away
And your sorrows will be no more

Come, enter My army and be My soldiers
To win souls to My Heavenly kingdom

Come child come, come, and worship Me
Come and sing to Me come and praise Me
Come and I will protect thee

Once you have accepted satan there is nothing I can do
I can’t help you anymore
You will be marked as his
Come before it’s too late
Come before I throw My wrath

Remember the earthquake I predicted
It’s right around the corner
Storms upon storms
Look to the skis you will know My time is near
Get ready My soldiers!
Get ready!

By: Eva Hiers
Inspired by: The Holy Spirit

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