Cross Choose The Way Of The Lord Cross

Choose the way of the Lord; be careful not to follow others.

I will always be with you no matter what

Be careful My child that you don't let anything hinder your progress

Be careful oh child that you follow My footsteps.

Take time out for Me, this is the only way you will understand what I am giving you to do

Take heed and don't wither away.

I will always be beside you through your valleys and your mountain tops.

I will always love you

You have always been My child and I will never let you go

There are things I need you to do for Me

Always listen out for My voice

I will let you know when it is Me, don't worry My child you will know

You have so many questions, in time you will get your answers

In time you will see where I am taking you

In time you will be delivering My word

Just stay with Me and don't close Me out

When you hear Me, remember to answer and don't leave Me out

I love you My child, don't leave Me out

You have the power to make changes, to see growth, to do good

You just don't know it yet. Be careful of those around you.

There are some who will try to knock you down

There are some who will try to mislead you

There are some who will crush you

Don't look to them, look to Me always

I will guide you to where you are to be

Be patient My child your day is coming

I know this is new to you and you don't understand a lot, give it time

Just stay with Me and listen to My voice and when you hear it heed the call

I love you My child I have always been there

Don't forget the battle for your soul

Only you can make a difference in some peoples lives

So I need you, that was why I fought for your soul and cast Satan away,

because you are too precious to Me.

Satan wants you, just remember to be careful and to keep searching Me out and you will be ok

You will tread some deep waters,

You will tread some trials

Hang in there, and in the end, I promise you will look back and know, that I, the Lord God Almighty

By working through you have brought more souls to My kingdom

By: Eva Hiers © 2008

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

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