Hear Me!   Hear Me!


Hear Me!   Hear Me!  All rise for the sound of the Trumpet

Hear Me!   Hear Me!  All rise for the coming of the Lord

Hear Me!   Hear Me!  All rise for the Glory of God

Hear Me!   Hear Me!  All rise for the Grace of the Lord


He will return!

Return for His children, to take them home

Return for the love, He promised so long ago

Returned from above, with all grace and glory

Return, Return, our Mighty King


Heavens gates are opening wide

The wind will take us way up high

The Lord smiles with love on His beautiful face

As He raptures us up and takes us home


Hear Me!   Hear Me!

All gates will open wide

Hear Me!   Hear Me!

The tree of life awaits, as you enter in

Hear Me!   Hear Me!

The living waters flow within


Come one, Come all, to enter in

For soon He closes the gates within

Once the gates have been closed

All hell will break loose

Earth as we know it, will suffer below


The screaming, the crying of those left behind

Hear the cries of those who thought they were saved

They thought they had time

They never believed on the cross of Calvary


Faith believes on the only Son

Faith believes on Calvary

Faith believes He rose again


Be Glad!  Be glad!   You believe today

Don’t let those gates close, without your spirit entering in

So   Hear Me!    Hear Me!

Get right today, when He calls, will you enter in?

Inspired by the Holy Spirit © 2008

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