Heavens Gates Will Open Wide

Heavens Gate
Heavens gates will open wide!

Heavens gates will open wide!

Do you want to enter Heavens gates?

Because Heavens gates will open wide!

Not a crack, but opened wide!

When the trumpet sounds, will you enter freely?

Or will you enter the other dimension

Will your soul go to where no soul should enter?

Will your spirit smell of stench?

Will you have all that should be yours?

Or do you settle for something less

Do you not know that I am the one and only true God?

That there should be no other God before Me

That I am who created the Heavens and the earth

That I created it all

All life exist today because of Me

How could you doubt my intervention?

I wanted to share My world

I wanted man to fellowship with

But sin was brought in by My fallen angel Lucifer

He has created so much destruction in this world

He has fought so hard to destroy what I loved

You think you have Heaven on earth

That you are who you are,

You are not

There is only one true good power and that is Me

I stand above and beyond all those who think I do not exist today

One day they will see, but it will be too late

When that day comes

They will look back on this life and know they should have chosen Me

But it will be too late

It will be too late

Don’t they know they cannot succeed in eternal life without Me?

They have to accept My grace

They have to want My love

They have to believe My Son came to set them free

They have to know! They have to know!

So go out My soldiers

Don’t let time fall behind

You go out and let others know that I am alive

That I am the Almighty Power

What waits on My side?

Is pure beauty

Is pure love

Is pure peace

What waits on the other side?

For those who will not accept Me in power

Chaos is pure torment

Is pure darkness

Is pure hell

Which will it be?

Which will it be?

Don’t be left behind

Search Me out now! Come to Me!

For time is at hand

Time is at hand!

By: Eva Hiers, c2008

Inspired by: The Holy Spirit

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