Lighten Up

Lighten up and make way

Don’t stress for tomorrow is a new day

Lighten up and make way

For tomorrow is a new day

A day to share My news

A day to bring a soul to My kingdom

A day to make anew

A day to sing My praises

What will your day be today?

What will you do?

What will the evenings hold?

What will you do?

What has your day brought forth?

Did it bring fruit or a bad vine?

Did you do all you could do?

Or did you waste time?

What are you waiting for?

Are you thinking you have all the time?

You do not, for My return is sooner then you know

It is right around the corner

Wake up! Look around you!

The signs, they are almost complete

Don’t you know that I am God Almighty?

That I do exist, that there is an eternity!

Which will you choose?

You have to make that choice

You have to know your soul is bound for somewhere

Do you know where your soul is bound?

Can you know for sure?

There are many sins that have not been forgiven

Do you not want all your eternal gifts, your rewards?

Or do you want to be as the poor and meek

Who barely have clothes to cover their body?

You will come into the kingdom

But your rewards will be little, if you do not go out and work

Know I gave My Son up to die on the cross

My Son fought many battles

My Son went through trials

My Son did not have it so easy

I have to know, you really want to grow in Me

I have to know, you can withstand the storms

I have to know, you can move forward a step at a time

I have to know, you have faith

I have given you My grace

I have given you My love

I have given you the tools you need

I have given it all to you

You just need to search your soul and find what I have outlined for your life

What your duties are here on earth

What you were born to do

What your values are

So, search My child, search

Search your heart, search your soul,

To know what I have promised

You will know

You will know

Just search your soul

By: Eva Hiers

Inspired by: Holy Spirit

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