Only The Strong Will Be Saved

Out of the storm pits will rise a mighty man

Out of the days of terror will rise a mighty man

Beware of this man

This man will be the anti-Christ

He will swoon you

He will make everyone think there is no other but he

He will be blinded to what others say

He will want all to worship him

He will stand tall against all people

He will steer you away

You have to be very careful

This man is hiding behind a mask

A mask that is so defiling

That words cannot describe it

He is the utterance of the underworld

He is the filth of all mankind

He is the strong demon possessed

He is the anti-Christ

Run children! run for your life! But as you try to run there will be nowhere to hide

You will try to find crevices to crawl into, but he will find you

He has all the power of Satan released to him

He will be supernatural and will use his powers to destroy

He will reign his time here on earth

He will believe that he is almighty and that he will win the battle

But he will not

I will sconder him back into the earth

I will smash him

I will throw My wrath

I will stop them at their feet

I am so mightily angry at Satan

I am so disappointed in My creation

When I throw My wrath

All will wish they had believed, but it will be too late for them

Those who are saved will be with Me above

For those of you left behind, when you repent and accept Me it will be tough on you

If you believe and have faith you will gain entrance into My kingdom

You will wish you made the choice earlier to be saved

I will have My agents out there

I will have My battle plan ready

I will still show My grace

When My wrath is being poured to those who want a second chance with Me

Be glad you are saved now

Be glad you came to Me

Be glad I have washed you in My blood

Be glad! be glad!

For those left behind

It will be the worst of times

Like none ever before and none ever after

Believe what I am saying and come to Me now

Believe what I am saying and I will wash your sins away

Believe what I am saying and you will be saved from the mighty disaster

Because only the strong will survive!

Only the strong will come to Me!

Only the strong will refuse the mark!

Only the strong will be saved!

By: Eva Hiers © 2008

Inspired: By The Holy Spirit

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