Signs of the Times

Look around you, what do you see?

The signs of the times are all around

The faces of innocent souls

The lost of homes, food and salvation!

Look around and open your eyes

Fix what you can and seek help and shelter

For you know not what tomorrow brings

But I can tell you this

My return is right around the corner!

In a blink of an eye

I will be rapturing souls to come home

Once I have raptured those who believe in Grace, on Calvary and the Cross

I will pour out My wrath on the rest of the world!

Already the signs of the times are happening

Look around, open your eyes, some do not want to see what is going on

Before long you will know it all to be true

Those who choose to close their eyes will know soon enough!

Love and praise is good to teach

But you must teach repentance, My return

And what the future holds

If not, how can My children prepare

All must put back!

For time is upon you

So little time

Don’t waste precious moments on little things

Make the most of your time!

Go out and do what you must, teach the word

Get the message out

For time is short and all will know

Look to the Heavens, you will soon see the signs

When you see these signs, know that I am right behind it

Know that I am on My way

Know that you will soon be in Heaven

Know that all will not be as it was!

Economics are turning to doom

Precious children are going hungry

Man cannot even make it to work

Go back and start with the old days!

Do not depend on luxurious

For what is luxury, if they do you no good

So put back now, put back all you can

Stock your storehouse! Get your children ready!

For time is upon My return, and I will come

To take My children home

My true wrath will be thrown down to all who is left

Be wise, look to Me now, don’t wait, look to Me now

Time is right around the corner!

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, c2008

By: Eva Hiers

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