Take Heed and Donít Let Go

Think about when you were down and out

And all your sorrows were before you.
Youíre heart was heavy laden and you knew not where to turn.
You felt as no one was out there listening and you had no where to turn

Come to Me My child and I will restore and replace the
Sorrows on your heart
Be a fisher of men and I will bless you

Those nights you set alone and felt no one was there for you
My child I was sitting right beside you.
I had you in the palm of my hand
The world may seem too large at times
I know you feel so small, donít worry, put your trust in Me and follow

I will help erase your past sorrows, your heartaches, and your loneliness
I will be there always for you
Youíre heart will be as one and you will want to search Me out.

You will become so excited
and know that I, the Lord God Almighty, is who helped you
through your sorrows, not the world, but Me?

Cast your sorrow and I will catch you.
Your heart will feel light as a feather.
Your mind will not hold the sorrows and your praises will go to Me.

Look up My child and see Me in a new light
Let all see me in a new light
Because one day I will have a mansion ready for you
All you have to do is believe

So believe My child, believe and all your sorrows will be of Yesteryear
And your future will be set to follow
New horizons, new roads, new doors

Remember, when I knock to answer the call
Praise Me oh child and I will always be beside you.
You will never be alone again
Praise Me oh child and you will never be alone again.

By: Eva Hiers © 2008
Inspired: By The Holy Spirit

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