To Set You Free

As a little girl I remember sitting down and seeing evil sights.
I was alone, no one cared.
I was abused, mistreated, laughed at, called names; but yet
I found strength to move on.

When I was a teenager, oh, the fears I faced!
Friends who only used me, boys who only wanted me;
and a family in pain.

When I was a woman, oh, the fears I faced!
Jobs that I failed at, life that was falling before me;
and nights of drugs and sex.

When I was a mother, oh, the fears that I faced!
How do I not let what happened to me, happen to this beautiful baby?
How do I show him love, care and protection?

So don’t feel alone, call out to the Lord, and He will come and set you free!

When he becomes a child, how do I protect him?
From his peers?
From being afraid?
From being alone?

When he becomes a man,
how do I teach him to be a family man,
to be strong, to lead the world, and to lead his family?

There is only one way and that is with the heavenly Father.
Only He can take his hand and be beside him always.
Only by keeping him in church will he gain the valuable tools;
to know right from wrong;
only with the Lord will he know he will never be alone!

Oh, if only someone had been there for me when I was a little girl!
Oh, the sorrows and heartaches I had! Would I have not failed?
But through it all, I moved on; and at the end I have the Lord with me.
Through all my walks and sorrows,
He will never leave me, and will always guide me.

So don’t feel alone, call out to the Lord, and He will come and set you free!

By: Eva Hiers © 2008

Inspired: By The Holy Spirit

To Set You Free was the very first writing that the Lord woke
Eva up to write on Dec. 2, 2007 at 5:30 AM..
Song: To Set You Free © Demo was recorded with Paramount Group, Inc., Nashville, TN.

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