Upon The Mountain Top

Corss on bars


Upon the mountain tops I will shout, for all My soldiers to prepare for battle

Upon the mountain top I will command them to stand strong and fight the mighty battle

Upon the mountain top all will know I have returned and am ready for the battle promised so long ago.


Who will stand with me?  Who will fight the battle?

Who will prepare and move forward as I call all to attention?

Who will be the one to say Here I am, I will fight! 

Who will say this Me?


As promised so long ago I gave My word of My return

And now the battle ground is being prepared

 I am getting My soldiers ready for the battle of their life before my return

Time now is like no other time on earth.

The mind fields are exploding and the players are being corrupted

with religion and politics and those who do not believe on the cross.


With all the glories around them, why do they still doubt?

Why do they still question those around?

  Why do they not look around and above and see all the glories

and the beauty of all things that was made for them

How can they not know?  They know not because they are not of this world

They have never accepted My word and or sought Me out.

They rejected Me every time

So I have no other choice then to leave those who choose not to believe


The battle is too important all must be ready to go when the final trumpet is blown

For My soldiers will take off and will defeat the enemy.

 He will be cast back where he belongs.

Those who turn and believe on him will go right behind him.

He is such a clever spirit that all must be very careful of this man

He has wisdom and long years of fine tuning his tactics

But he will never be as powerful as my Father


By My coming to this world and dying on the cross I was able to set the captives free

And now those who believe have a choice

 they can use My name to pray and ask for help, for guidance, and direction.

My spirit lives to help those who believe.


  Now is a temporary time for everyone

This is your transitional ground.

 You are being trained to know the truth

So that when you come into eternity you will bring with you your wisdom,

of course this will exceed a hundred times a hundred and more.

 Your time here is the training ground and home, then you will live in eternity.

  So be wise, learn the truth, study, do your time now

So that your time in eternal heaven will be glorious and your rewards will be many


11/26/2010 3:00 a.m.

By: Eva Hiers, Inspired by: The Holy Spirit

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