Vision 1


While praying I closed my eyes and within minutes I started seeing sights as if I were watching it on a video screen.  There before my eyes was the most splendid, exquisite white temple.  There were steps leading up to this magnificent building.  Across the front were massive elaborate detailed columns lined up all the way across the temple.  The illuminations of lights were dancing all around.  Then I saw the most stunning man ever!  He had hair of silver that shined like a mirror.  His wavy hair was parted down the middle and flowed to His shoulders.  His eyes were piercing; it was as if they were glowing, so full of warmth and love.  His smile was mesmerizing, so beautiful, and so perfect!  I was so taken by the moment that tears were rolling down my face because of the love I was feeling.

He was dressed in a white robe with this beautiful sash around His waist and one over his shoulder.  He was physically powerful and demanded attention. 

There in His left hand He was holding up a golden torch.  The intricate details were amazing!  With His right arm outstretched, you just knew He was welcoming you it was all so astounding.  A moment in time I will remember forever!

Looking around I saw a long aisle.  Women were walking up the aisle all adorned in lovely white robes that just flowed as they moved.  They were carrying the most beautiful wrapped gifts.  Their veils were sheer and delicate over their faces.   They stopped about halfway up the steps, bowed and presented their gifts of offerings to Him.  After He received all His gifts, the most exquisite stallion of pure white, long flowing mane with wings that were of iridescent pearl color emerged from behind the temple.  He got on the stallion and together they flew away.

 Now the scene changes and I am looking at a lush field, full of flowers, trees, grass, streams and rivers and light that seemed to be dancing.  Colors that I don’t remember ever seeing in the color wheel chart.   There in the middle of this field stood the Man I had just fell in love with on the temple steps.  He was still wearing the white robe, but it was a bit more casual this time.  It didn’t seem so formal.  He was smiling and laughing and looking around.  Children were running all around Him, they were laughing, singing and playing.  Then I saw gates at each corner and entering through these gates were white lambs, however, once they were through the gates they changed appearances becoming women.  The children started running to the women and grabbing their hands to meet this dazzling man.  His arms were outstretched and waiting to hug each and everyone. The women were wearing beautiful white gowns that just flowed as they moved.

 As quickly as the vision came, it passed and on to the last and final vision.

There were thick grey clouds everywhere.  Then He appeared all adorned in His white robe carrying a staff.  He was walking towards me with this look of sadness all over His face.  He stopped and with His right hand He raised the staff and brought it down to the clouds three times.  All of a sudden you could see the wind coming together to form what looked like a tornado.  Inside this funnel you could see all types of debris, lightening, fire and ice.  There was such a fury to this massive whirlwind.  It seemed to go on and on gaining massive force of power and energy.  As He was preparing to release this powerful force He looked up as His angels were descending ready to stand by the side of this mighty leader!


Given by The Holy Spirit on:


Vision © Eva Hiers

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