Vision 2

After deep meditation and preparation in the Word and Prayer with Victorious Women of Zion,
the Lord blessed me to share this vision (1/7/2010)

As I closed my eyes I was faced with a massive pit in the ground with sizzling lava flowing in and below you could see flames. All of a sudden this hideous creature started crawling out of the hole in the ground; His extended piercing claws were digging into the sides of the pit. He had ears in the form of a triangle, a stout round face, cat eyes, balloon snout and a snickering expression on his face. Dumpy neck, with a fat round body torso, extra long skinny arms with hands that were boney with razor-sharp claws. His legs were lengthy, thin, and crooked with claw like feet. He had what seemed to be reddish pink leather skin.

I turned to observe the most beautiful tropical island with incredibly tall mountains. The sun was starting to set in the background. From the top of the mountain an eagle started soaring towards me. The eagle flew over the pit, swooped down with his claws, and grabbed this creature and plunged him into the heart of the pit. The eagle hovered above the pit for a few seconds, and then started flying in the opposite direction. He was approaching a river of crystal water, sparkling with shimmers of light. No waves at all. A tree on either side of the river seemed to be overloaded with fruits of all kinds. Behind this tree you could see amazing homes and buildings all bejeweled in the most glorious material. Illuminating lights dancing all over the place and then the river seemed to flow right to the steps that led up to the most spectacular temple ever, and he landed and then transformed into the most majestic man. Clothed in a white linen robe He had his hands outstretched welcoming me with the biggest smile. Behind the temple I could see a rainbow unlike any rainbow on earth. I was in admiration of its exquisiteness

He looked at me and with one arm stretched out to the right He pointed. A beautiful ocean setting with a large ship was coming to shore, the water was very calm. The boat stopped and a walkway was let out and stepping out of the boat were some of the most attractive women all wearing gorgeous flowing robes. They walked towards a campfire on the beach. They gathered around this fire and with smiles all on their face they entwined their arms around each other and started dancing. They were laughing and having a breathtaking ceremonial moment in time.

Then I saw Him for a second time and this time He stretched out His left arm and pointed

I could see a large city with a beach in the background. All of a sudden the earth shook and started opening up as buildings, cars, and people of all sizes, shapes, and colors were falling into the earth. The fear in the eyes of those knowing they were doomed was devastating. In the background the ocean tides started intensifying and came crashing down on land.

Then I saw Him yet again and this time He turned his body and outstretched His arm to the side and pointed. I could see a forest that was ablaze. Animals of all kinds were running for their lives and birds soaring into the air out of the trees. I could see explosions far and wide.

Then I saw Him once more and this time He outstretched His other arm and pointed and I saw nothing but darkness. You could not distinguish anything. Just blackness!

Afterwards He turns back around and faces me on the steps of the temple and with an extraordinarily gentle smile; He extended both arms welcoming me to this lovely paradise!

Given by The Holy Spirit on:


Vision 2 © Eva Hiers

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