Vision 3

With my eyes closed, I was viewing our planet, and from the corners of the horizon, I see what I think is light coming up over earth. However, this is not light, but a thick light grayish color cloth spreading over the globe. After the world is completely covered, the cloth is tied into a double knot and a physically powerful force begins to shake the earth in the cloth and then spins it around.

Looking up Angel Warriors with their armor on is approaching earth with their swords and their shields held out in front of them. They initiate their forces and begin to strike the material cutting through it. As they slashed through, you could see slits and large gaps being exposed. As they are open to the elements, beams of radiant light start coming up into the atmosphere from the earth. Nevertheless, not all the cloth could be penetrated around the globe. So looking at it from an outer distance you see light and you see coverings where light could not be set free. When the angels have finished cutting into this layer of material, a brilliantly lit hand full of energy approaches the earth. The hand settles underneath the earth. While this very bright hand is under the world an evil dark cloud approaches the hand and tries to envelop the hand. However, the light from the hand is stronger then the darkness and shines through the thick clouds. The cloud will not give up and there is a battle going on between these two super natural forces.

At the end of this open vision I could hear the Lord saying: “It will get worse, time will not be as it is now. Watch my child and you will see the mighty forces at battle. Get ready! Get your family ready! Tell everyone time is near”.

(Monday, 2/21/2011_8:30p.m.)


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