Vision 4

Coming out of a deep sleep my mouth was dry and I thirst for water. I rose to go to the kitchen only to discover I had no water and all my plumbing was backed up. I walked to the back door, opened it, and called out for my husband. As I rubbed my eyes I could not believe what I was seeing. There was snow all over my deck and back yard, thick white fluffy snow everywhere. My husband was walking towards me scratching his head, what in the world; it was summertime, not winter?

We both stood on the snow-white deck and looked out over our backyard. There in the yard I could see my son shoveling snow off the grass in long narrow paths.

As I looked up in the western sky, I saw the most spectacular scene ever.

In an oblong shape I saw seven stars on top in a downward curve, and then saw 7 moons right under it in an upward curve. It seemed so close up and incredible. All of a sudden the moons started vanishing one by one, and then the stars disappeared one by one. I turned and looked around and the snow had all melted off the grass. A small chocolate puppy with white paws was standing beside me wagging his tail and was being so good-natured and playful. To my astonishment this puppy transformed from a playful pup to a white wolf, the wolf looked up at me and growled showing its full-size teeth. Shockingly it changed yet again into a white lamb and the lamb started grazing on my shrubbery and grass in the yard.

All of a sudden as I looked up yet again, an object flew over my head like a meteorite, missile or falling star heading west. (I could not tell what it was as it flew over my head so fast) This object crashed and a huge explosion lit up the western sky. I grabbed my son, spouse and stepdaughter and we started praying. Looking up once more, I saw a new object soaring directly over my home heading west. In the great distance it exploded and you could see the skies light up with fire. Small particles started falling all over the place as I grabbed my family and started running towards the house.

As we were running I passed by my pool and it was filled with swimmers, they were all laughing and partying. I screamed at them - Get Out! Get Out! They would not, they kept on drinking and partying, I tried to warn them once more, but they had no desire to hear what I had to say. Grabbing my family we headed for shelter in our home.

We headed to the dinning room and my family got under the big heavy table. While they were getting situated, I ran to the pantry to grab a case of bottled water and came back, I slid underneath the table to wait out what was going on outside. As I bowed my head I started praying to the Lord to protect our country and to protect my home. All of a sudden a gigantic bubble started forming over my home and I knew that no matter what was going on outside, inside, we would be protected.

8/21/2010 Early that morning after I saw this, the Lord commanded me to get up and write what I had just seen.

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