Warn the World

Take a deep breath, the breath of life

Take in the wonders of the world

For such a time the wonders will begin to fade

For such chaotic moments will arise

The moments of time when all destruction

And fear will fall upon the world

My people will have a covering over them

They will be protected, only My true soldiers will be protected

Those who sway back and forth must get off the fence

And choose who will they serve Me? or satan?

They have to choose who they will follow

Time is of essence and they must make that choice

As this is not a playground anymore

You must put on your armor and get the sword ready to speak the truth

The final moments are here, there is no more playing around

You have been warned, so put on your armor and go out

Be My soldiers of war

Go out to win the battle

Go out to protect and win lost souls to heaven for Me

Go out and fight for Me

We have no time to waste

The curtains will fall

The end of the chapter has come upon My people

Those who are not left behind will have a new chapter in life and will have

A battle like no other

Some to stand when things will seem fine

Peace will be about everyday

There will seem to be a time that this one man will seem to be God

To everyone all will bow to him

Do not let him fool you

He is the anti christ and once you bow and take his pledge and turn to him.

You loose your soul to heaven eternally

You give your soul to the devil

Because he is the devil disguised as a man

His spirit will lead this man

He is a wolf in sheep’s clothes

Please My children hear My plea

Hear My cries! Hear My voice!

You must go out and battle

You must go out fight like never before

You must warn the world, you must spread my message

To all you meet

To all you see

You must warn My people

You must fight with all you have

You must fight to win the battle

You must fight

By: Eva Hiers © 2008

Inspired by: The Holy Spirit

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