Which Will You Choose

At this moment in time, there is waiting in the background
A man so defiling
A man of evil means
A man who is waiting to devour all those who turn to him

A man without conscious
A man of hate
A demon of a man is where satan lives
This man will cause destruction beyond means

This man will cause irreversible ways
This man is one you do not play with
He has all the power of satan released to him
He will come to kill, steal and destroy

But the good news is that I am here to protect those who are My children
I am here to love those who are My children
I am here to watch after those who have faith in Me
I am here for My children

The nights will be long; the days will be short with this man
He works out of darkness and destruction
He waits in the background like a shadow on a wall

Fear this man for what he brings to earth is evil beyond all means that man knows
He loves to shake things up
He plans all his warfare in the darkness of his soul
He will destroy all those who love and believe on Me

This man on the outer appearance will seem to want to bring peace
But it will be destruction in the long run
He seems to want to bring action against all those who come after him
Oh how warnings must go out about this man
For he is the anti Christ

Please children do not take of the chip
The chip is your sign of belonging to him
He has you marked forever as his child

What you face in death can only be one of pure torment
The stench
The darkness
The light will be no more
The pits, the locked gates
The deepness of the holes
Demons every where
Giants everywhere
Spirits upon evil sprits

This place was first for satan and all the fallen angels
Now it will be home to those who worship and go after him
Oh how I cry for those I see going to hell, they could have come home to heaven
What I have up here is so much more
The golden streets
The river of life
Light after light, never any darkness, just light
Oh how heaven shines with pure light

Oh how hell is pure desolate and dark
The difference in where your spirit resides
Will be what you choose here on earth before you die
What will you choose today?
Will it be light or darkness?
Will it be pure love or torment?
Will it be the least or the most?
Which will you choose! which will you choose!

Know that I am here always waiting
For you to make that choice
Know that I am here always waiting for you to abound
Know that I am here always to start anew

Will you join the forces of heavenly happiness?
Will you be as one under the Lord?
Will you love your neighbors?
Will you show humbleness for Me?
Will you get on your knees and praise and worship Me

Come My children; come, let Me fill your heart with wonders of love
Come My children; come, let Me fill your heart with fullness of contempt
Come My children; come, let Me be your Father
Come My children; come, and let Me come and reside within your heart

So will you choose the bread of life?
So will you choose the love of family?
So will you choose the beginning and not the end?
So will you choose life?
Which will you choose?
Which will you choose?

By: Eva Hiers
Inspired by: The Holy Spirit

© 2008

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