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Stay With Me

Choose the way

Only The Strong will be Saved

Give This Baby A Chance

Give this baby a chance has been a writing I have come to be very passionate with. If you are considering whether to keep or abort your baby,

Please read this poem. I promise you this, after reading these words inspired directly from the Holy Spirit, your soul should be touched and your heart will

Know what is inside of you is a real life, a living human being. Who are we to say we have the right to play God to take a life!

The Picture at the bottom of the poem is of my son. 14 years ago, he was a child that was almost aborted. His face is “the face that almost wasn’t” (Due to a lot of personal issues going on at that time in my life and flying and working with American Airlines this was not a good time. Back then, I was told it was not human yet, it was just tissue) I thank God everyday I did not make that choice and I feel blessed everyday just being in my sons presence. He makes me want to be a better person, he brings such joy and laughter into our home and lives. Your child will bring joy and laughter into your home or into the home of someone who would raise your baby as their own! SO GIVE YOUR BABY A CHANCE, DON'T ABORT! http://www.operationoutcry.org/

(If years back you made that decision to abort, go to the Lord and he will help to heal your heart and soul and will forgive if you only ask!)

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